I was skeptical at first because I heard a lot about law firms being unkind and irresponsible, but True Light legal service group was different. I was moved by the way they answered my questions and concerns with sincerity every time. With their help, I got my Green card approved very quickly. – Ms. S

Comment: This client obtained a marriage-based green card. Despite hearing about how US Citizen Spouse petitions are simple and can trust any legal service offices to process their case, this client came across our office by her co-worker, who was already processing their green card applications. This client was very satisfied with the meticulous handling of the case by True Light legal service group, and received her green card just within 4 months, despite the delays due to COVID-19.


I have been working in a small business industry for 5 years and watching my co-workers stress out about applying for Green Card, I was hesitant. However, True Light Legal Service Group’s consultation and continuous follow up of the process has made me feel comfortable, and assured me they were the right law firm. – Mr. L

Comment: This client came to the U.S. with an E-2 Employee Visa and while watching his colleagues stress out about their green card processes, realized how the selection of a law firm is very important. With several recommendations from his co-workers, he decided to choose True Light Legal Service Group and received his green card as a Third Preference Skilled Worker, without an interview.


From the very first day of preparing for green card, the employees at True Light Legal Service Group were very kind. They explain each step in detail and help with all preparation. Even if I had a lot of questions, they kindly and clearly answered right away, and kept me updated from start to finish. – Mr. & Ms. P

Comment: This client was retained by our office, while applying for her OPT as she completed her studies in the U.S. With less than one year remaining of her OPT valid period, we recommended her to pursue her studies in Master's degree. As a student, she was able to get a sponsorship for her employer, and finally received her green card through employment-based petition as well as her husband's.


After years of struggling with school problems, I had to change law firms twice. True Light Legal Service Group was the third firm I landed and I finally received my Green Card, which was a lifelong dream of our family. They are very meticulous and detail-oriented when dealing with your petitions. I highly recommend anyone to call True Light Legal Service Group and ask about the services they provide. I am confident they can help you with your immigration matters. – Ms. M.

Comment: This client struggled to receive her green card for approximately three years as she was involved in a school crime that issued false immigration documents. She had to change law firms twice in between, as none of them could provide solutions for her. In just three months since she received the Request for Evidence from USCIS, after thorough analyses from our True Light Legal Service Group immigration specialists, she finally received her approval notice.


In the midst of giving up and deciding if I should go back to Korea, I met the immigration team of TLLSG and they help me finally get my green card. I was impressed by the way they thoroughly reviewed all of my documents, explained every step of the process in detail, and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. If anyone is looking for an immigration law firm, I highly recommend TLLSG. – Mr. M

Comment: When this client first came to our office for a consultation, he was very skeptical as he was frustrated by the way his previous legal representatives have handled his cases. Nonetheless, he decided to proceed with them, but ultimately failed in the last step of his green card application. As True Light Legal Service Group was the last hope for him, we tried our best to reinterpret his case, find the right solution for him, and with our special expertise in finding the best solutions for clients, the entire family received their green cards within 14 months.


I would like to express my gratitude to the Director and the legal representative of TLLSG for their work of handling out entire family’s immigration cases for the past 20 years. I recommend TLLSG to anyone who needs solutions for their immigration matter. – Ms. K

Comment: This client first became acquainted with our law firm, through her husband, who was an immigration law advisor for the company they worked at. In just 6 months, they both received their green cards by petition through U.S. Citizen Parent, and since then, we maintain a reliable relationship where we can easily ask and answer questions related to immigration law.


I went through the process of applying for my green card in such an unprecedented time of COVID. With the help of TLLSG, I was able to receive my green card without a delay. I was very thankful for their time and effort in handling and organizing all of my documents meticulously, from start to finish. – Ms. K

Comment: This client heard about us as her supervisor at work was a client of ours. Because of the perception that the process of applying for employment-based green card usually costs a lot of money, a lot of people recommended the client to look for somewhere that is affordable and trust-worthy. She said she was lucky to have naturally be recommended to True Light Legal service group by her supervisor, as she was looking for somewhere that is detail-oriented, friendly, and trust-worthy.


I would like to thank True Light Legal Service Group for their patience and not giving up on our case for a long period of time. Each person’s experience could be different but being able to push forward with a trustworthy law firm has given me the strength to endure the long journey. I am certain that anyone can believe and trust the skills and sincerity of TLLSG in handling their cases. Ms. J

Comment: This client resides in Northern California and could not find easily find an Immigration law firm in the area. And with just one phone call, the client chose TLLSG. Within the journey, she had to face a lot of delays, such as receiving supervising audits in her third step of employment-based petition, and also Labor Certification denial due to the petitioner’s financial ability. However, as TLLSG was certain they should appeal to USCIS, the client’s whole family received their green cards within 6 months of the appeal.


I was able to overcome any difficulties during my adjustment of status, with the sincerity and help of True Light Legal Service Group. They were very meticulous in reviewing my documents and followed-up with each step of the process. I highly recommend TLLSG to anyone. – Ms. K

Comment: This client reached out to TLLSG after being recommended by someone in the J-1 Visa group chat. She said she was impressed with how she received updates on every step of the process, since day one. Since then, she trusted TLLSG to handle her employment-based petition and it is currently in progress.


Despite asking many questions and being lazy preparing the documents, they were always kind and prompt in answering all of my questions. Without their guidance and insistence, I wouldn’t have been able to receive my green card this fast. My whole family Is living happily in the United States with the help of TLLSG, and I want to thank all the staff members for their help. I always recommend TLLSG who needs assistance with immigration law ^^ - Ms. K

Comment: We first met this client when her friend came into our firm for green card petition consultation. At the time, the client arrived to the U.S. as ESTA in 2020, and since then, we’ve kept in touch to answer any questions she may have about immigration law. In just two years, she retained our office for her green card petition and eventually received her green card within 4 months.


With the professional and systematic preparation by True Light Legal Service Group, I was able to successfully acquire my green card. As they were able to minimize any negative occurrences by foreseeing all the situations in advance, I had no doubt that we should worry. Therefore, I was able to trust TLLSG progressively. TLLSG is a firm I can confidently recommend to people around me for any immigration matter. – Ms. J

Comment: To bring his fiancé from Korea, this client consulted with various legal service agencies and immigration law firms. However, none of the establishments were able to give him a clear and concise direction. As he came to the U.S. to work, he coincidently saw TLLSG’s advertisement on newspaper and contacted us. He said he trusted TLLSG from the moment we had a phone call, and within 9 months of case progress, his wife obtained a green card and the whole family is living happily in the U.S.


As a family of 5, our kids desired to live in the U.S. after exploring the schools. We urgently needed a plan to apply for F-1 student visas and permanent residency. This was all possible through the help of TLLSG. My three kids were able to continue through their education and are very grateful that they were able to do so. TLLSG is where you can feel the trustworthiness and sincerity of working meticulously, understanding those people who are desperate for permanent residency in the U.S. – Ms. B

Comment: This client came to the U.S. as a visitor to tour schools and her children insisted on living in the U.S. Without any preparation, the client was referred to TLLSG by her neighbor. After having the initial consultation with our law firm, the entire family received their green cards just in 2 years (without interview) and her children graduated from a renowned school in the U.S. The entire family is now a U.S. citizen.


With my poor English skills, I was worried I was going to fail my visa interview. The employees at TLLSG treated as if it was their situation and initiated mock interviews and gave me feedback each time. All thanks to TLLSG, the questions I received at the actual interview was the same as the mock interviews and I received my visa. I really appreciate TLLSG for treating my case as if it was their families. I arrived safely and I am currently familiarizing myself in the U.S. – Ms. J

Comment: This client was so excited about being dispatched to the U.S. However, this client felt so much pressure with passing her visa interview, with having poor English skills. Her visa was denied on her interview, as she could not understand the questions asked. To prepare her for the second one, we conducted mock interviews over 10 times, practicing the possible questions/answers and helping her build confidence. She passed her second interview and is currently working in the U.S. As TLLSG’s primary goal is to safely guide our clients to their destinations, we conducted mock interviews as much as she needed, without additional charge.


I had no knowledge of the process of obtaining permanent residency in the U.S. and I was skeptical at first. TLLSG explained every step of the process in detail and provided feedback with any questions I had. With their thorough follow-ups, I trusted TLLSG and felt ease about proceeding my green card application. – Ms. L

Comment: As a J-1 visa holder, this client came to TLLSG to inquire about applying for F-1 visa. During the consultation, we realized her initial student visa she obtained had about 8 months till its expiration. She mentioned TLLSG was the first law firm to mention this to her. She provided her a much simpler way to change her status to F-1. From this process, the client felt the necessity to consult with a reliable expert in the field. Since then, she retained our firm for her employment-based green card and received her permanent residency within 3 years.


I’ve been turned down by so many law firms that with my career, R-1 is a hard visa to obtain. However, with TLLSG’s prior experience, they provided me with clear answers which also resulted in quick results. I was very satisfied with TLLSG’s detailed work with customer-tailed service. I was assured that I can trust TLLSG with proceeding with my green card applications. , and for those who are reading this comment, I can assure you that TLLSG will provide the best results for you. – Ms. K

Comment: This client received consultation from two other law firms. Both did not provide such positive comments, indicating that it was a hard case, with just a 50:50 chance. Right at the moment of despair, she heard of TLLSG from an employer in the U.S. Unlike the other two law firms, she received very positive feedback from TLLSG, which made her thrilled with the hopes of possibility. Despite the schedule being very tight to meet the prospective start date to work in the U.S., TLLSG prepared all of her package very quickly and brought about the approval within just a few days.